Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A few interesting Java/Design related talks

Over the last few days I’ve watched a few nice talks, so even if only for future self-reference, I’ll give a list here:

  • OSGi : The Foundation: Talk by Peter Kriens, who is the lead for OSGi. “His pres shows you why a spec like OSGi is crucial, what it really encompasses, and what the future developments will be.
    ” Very interesting since my knowledge on OSGi is (was) sparse at best.I’ll be taking another look at Eclipse RCP and Equinox.
  • Overview of Desktop Java Techs : Talk by Scott Delap who is the author of Desktop Java Live. “Scott Delap provides an overview of Swing and Eclipse RCP technologies in today’s world of RIA applications”
  • Romain Guy on the state of desktop Java : interview with the co-author of Filthy Rich Clients.
  • Joshua Bloch on Closures, Resource Management, Google : Responsible for the Java Collections framework among others in Java, currently responsible for the Java arch @ Google. Quite the Java guru :-)
  • Chet Haase discusses Java FX, Update N and JDK 7 : the other co-author of Filthy Rich Clients.
  • How to design a good API and why it matters : a classic must-see talk by Joshua Bloch. “In this talk (recorded at Javapolis), Java library designer Joshua
    Bloch teaches how to design good APIs, with many examples of what good
    and bad APIs look like.”
  • Desktop Patterns & Data Binding : actually posted this link to a talk by the JGoodies lead a few days back, which I found to be very useful in explaining the organization of view logic in Java Desktop Apps.

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